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And Yet

Jeff Alessandrelli
PANK Books

An innovative work of speculative fiction, Jeff Alessandrelli’s AND YET interrogates contemporary shyness, selfhood and sexual mores, drawing out the particulars of each through personal history, cultural commentary and the author’s own restless imagination. AND YET builds off the work of authors as disparate as Michel Leiris, Marguerite Duras and Kobo Abe, while quoting from and alluding to texts by Susan Sontag, Young Thug, Young Jean Lee, Cesare Pavese, Sylvia Plath and Louise Glück, among others. At the same time, however, AND YET is entirely itself, with a nameless, self-questioning millennial protagonist simultaneously proud and afraid of his formidable interiority. “Love is a thing full of anxious fear,” especially when what you ultimately love and fear is your self,” writes Alessandrelli, and AND YET draws such a notion down, out and around again, finally arriving at its own idiosyncratic answers.


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