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Burning Bones

Miren Agur Meabe
Parthian Books

Miren Agur Meabe is one of Basque literature’s leading contemporary writers and the winner of several national awards. She is the only writer to win Spain’s national poetry prize in the Basque language.

In a series of short poetic narratives Burning Bones finds the writer on a remarkable journey of imagination, discovery and emotion.

We watch the gardener gather kindling to prepare a bonfire. ‘So many branches,’ Itell Gwen. ‘They look like a pile of bones… I have a feeling that’s what I’m doing too, carrying a bundle of bones from place to place. And I don’t just mean the bones in my body.’

From a flooded river stranding a dolphin on a sandbank to a sailor afraid to venture onto land while a first kiss is cut tragically short Meabe plays with the expectations and form of stories while offering a rhapsody of reflection and reinvention.