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HEAT Series 3 Number 7

Multiple Authors

Strangers, sleepwalkers, chaos agents, vagrants, inventors and activists populate the first HEAT of 2023. Eda Gunaydin opens the issue with a satirical short story about misguided intentions. Gareth Morgan’s poems reveal glimpses of city life in Melbourne and on Staten Island. In two very short stories, Zhu Yue plays tricks with literary occidentalism. Pi.O. shares a sequence of poems that explore love, anarchy and the spirit of performance. Aleksandra Lun, who once worked in a casino, invokes the roulette wheel in an essay on literary transnationalism. Writing from Paris, Noémi Lefebvre imagines a conversation with Jacques Lacan over toast and coffee. And in closing, Andriy Lyubka sends a clear-eyed dispatch from Ukraine.

Eda Gunaydin Fuck Up prose
Gareth Morgan Five Poems poetry
Zhu Yue (trans. Jianan Qian and Alyssia Asquith) Two Stories prose
Aleksandra Lun (trans. Elizabeth Bryer) Antimatter prose
Pi.O. Four Poems poetry
Noémi Lefebvre (trans. Sophie Lewis) Les Non-Dupes Errent And Other Ghosts prose
Andriy Lyubka (trans. Yulia Lyubka and Kate Tsurkan) Roasted Uganda prose

Art by Anna Higgins