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The Intelligent Woman’s Guide To Art

Robin Kahn
Mis Dias Press

For The Intelligent Woman’s Guide To Art, Kahn has taken a book originally published in 1959 by the General Federation of Woman’s Clubs that was intended to “point out the basic things one should look for in order to appraise intelligently and fully appreciate whatever paintings one may see.” Kahn reworks this essay—written by a male critic—with drawings, cut-outs, and texts in a style that embodies the rebellious spirit of riot-grrl punk aesthetics. Her graphics take on iconic female representations like Botticelli’s Venus and Degas’ ballerinas. This literal overwriting takes on the male dominated tradition of art history and pastes in alternative recommendations over the previous artists’ biographies with suggestions like Meret Oppenheim for Dada and Yayoi Kusama for pointillism.


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